Storytelling is presence and connection through spoken words! 

Storytelling has been part of our cultural heritage for centuries. Through the stories we are told, the stories we live and the stories we tell, we convey values and culture, share life experiences and build community. Storytelling transcends time and place and connects us across generations and cultures.


"We had the pleasure of Mette Kuhlen Gullach at our King's Variety Show. And she mesmerised the
 audience with her quirky, cheeky and edge-of-your-seat story, which was very reminiscent of 
The Nightingale by HC. A, but far more tantalising - I'm just saying...

Linnea Tör Ehbauyou, Bobuska – tilfældets have

Fancy a story?

Storytelling is for everyone and I tell stories for adults and children alike. I tell my own stories as well as reinterpretations of classic fairy tales, myths and legends, always customised for the specific audience and occasion. I tell in English as well as Danish.

Storytelling for adults

  • A meaningful escape from everyday life
  • Entertainment that challenges the mind and provokes reflection
  • Grounds for a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us

Storytelling for children

  • A magical journey into the world of stories
  • Excitement, humour and valuable life lessons
  • A safe space where we can dream, learn and have adventurous fun


If you're ready to experience the power of storytelling, send a message and let's create stories together!