The power of storytelling

The desire to tell - Passion for Stories (Fortællelysten)

A very special feeling comes upon me, when I get to connect with an audiece. Bubbles of joy inside of me, the sight of eyes that light up, the sound of laughter flowing from smiling lips, the intimate dance of seriousness and thoughtfulness. Stories connect us, across time and place, culture and age. Stories create community. This power and presence that stories create is a reward in itself, and storytelling is not just something I do, but something I can't help but do. It's the desire to share the stories and the connection that drives me, hence the name: Passion for Stories (Fortællelysten)!

Storyteller by accident

I became a storyteller rather by accident. I stumbled upon this art form during a course on Storytelling as a leadership tool at CBS Executive and was instantly mesmerised by the unique power of storytelling.

That became the start of a my very own adventurous story, exploring and developing my skills as a storyteller. An adventure where I have found my own voice, but also where storytelling has become a central part of my life, both in my work as a manager and lawyer, in my honourable role as a wife and mother, and as a storyteller.

I tell my own stories as well as reinterpretations of traditional fairy tales, legends and myths. Always with a focus on the story having a message that both entertains and gives way to reflection. I enjoy customising my stories to the specific audience and event, which is one of the fascinating aspects of storytelling. Oral storytelling lives in the moment, in the presence of and connection with the audience, so even if it's the same story, it will always be unique!

Trained Storyteller

I have trained as a storyteller at BestTellers in Vesterbro, where I followed both their basic and masters programmes and where I now perform regularly. I have also been a mentee at FEAST (Federation of East Asian Storytellers) and have received training from some of Denmark's best storytellers, as well as internationally renowned storytellers. I have taken the Red Thread course with Katrice Horsley, which I highly recommend. You can read more about Katrice and her courses here (narrative4change).

Storyteller of the Month - February 2024 - Federation of Danish Storytellers (in Danish)